Our Rendering Process

Send design information

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We do the work

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You get your designs!

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Send design information

  • Submit all design information to us which could include room dimensions, photos, material finishes, furniture layouts with product links, fabrics etc. 

  • On acceptance of our proposal we require a 50% deposit to start the process.

We do the work

  • After we receive your design information we aim for a 4-5 day turnaround on your drawing service, and send it back to you for review. 

  • By providing us with measurements and as much information as possible, it helps us to create a more accurate design for approval. 

  • Revisions are typically done within 1-3 days. 

Receive your renders

  • We make final changes and finish your drawings or renderings within 1-3 days.

  • Once the design revisions are complete, the final drawings and documents are sent to you via email. 

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Information required for

drawing & rendering services 

Professional design drawings allow you to communicate effectively with your clients and contractors, and help you stand out as a designer. 


Getting started is easier than you may think!


All you need to do is send us your design ideas, and we bring your design to life.


Suggestions when submitting design information to us:​

  • Floor plan with measurements showing architectural features and proposed furniture layout. 

  • Elevations showing your design intent with measurements where these may be required (hand drawn sketches are absolutely fine with us!)

  • Materials list with website links (these include any paint colours, wallpaper design, countertops, tiles etc) 

  • Product list with website links (these include appliances, furniture, decor and accessories etc.)

  • Photos of the space are always helpful (please indicate what view is relevant to the photo)

  • If you can't draw it, inspiration images with a line drawing is completely okay with us.


Turn your sketches & ideas... 

Into realistic renders and professional drawings with our specialist services

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