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Our Process

Process for outsourcing interior rendering


Project Overview

We always welcome a conversation to hear more about your project. Or if you prefer, simply send us an overview of your project to get started. 



We will review your project and coordinate with you regarding the timeline for presentation. Typically we would schedule projects 2-3 weeks in advance.


Design Information

We will require the following: site measurements/ site survey preferably in CAD format, door & window elevations, simple sketches or written brief explaining the design, all selections with product/ vendor links. 

We also have a quick start option that allows you to get started with site measurements, a concept brief & inspirational image. We would be happy to discuss this in our discovery call.


Floorplan & Perspectives for Approval

We will firstly send you the floor plan to approve the layout.

Once the floor plan is approved we create a 3D model of your design. We will send you perspective views to allow you to make any modifications to the design at this point. 


Final Render & Drawing Package

We will complete and send the final render and/or elevation drawing package for final edits. Once we receive your feedback we will make the necessary updates and submit the final render and/or drawings.

If you require assistance with a design presentation, this will commence on completion of the render and drawing package. 

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