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Studio Services

3D Drawing Package.jpg

3D models represent your design accurately by showing room finishes, millwork, lighting and furnishings.

Elevation drawings provide detailed information for trades, and our unique drawing style ensures that elevations are visually appealing for a beautiful design presentation.

Millwork Elevations-Fireplace Built Ins.jpg

Detailed millwork elevations can be created for kitchen designs, fireplace surrounds and built-ins, bathroom vanities, closets and more. 


Typically all millwork is modeled in 3D which, in our experience offers a more comprehensive understanding of the design by both clients and trades. 2D elevations can be provided on request.


Photorealistic renders give your clients the ability to visualize the design; and is a powerful way to communicate beyond schematic drawings and sample trays.

Our rendering process serves as an add-on service to design drawing packages, or as a stand alone service for designers who already have a completed design.

Looking for a furniture plan to start the design process, or a more comprehensive package with lighting layouts and more?


Whatever the demands of your project, we can assist with various types of floor plans. These may include renovation plans, space planning, furniture layouts, reflected ceiling plans, lighting plans and floor finishes.

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