Semi-Designed is a decorating service that allows you to purchase directly from retailers, gives you access to trade sources and lets you take full control of your timeline and budget.

Luckily, you don’t have to sweat it with my done-for-you designs!

How it works... 

This design meeting allows me to understand your style, what stores suit your budget and find ways to work with your current space to create a room you love!

Design Consultation

A detailed furniture layout so that you can see exactly how the furniture will fit in your room, with elevations to assist you in placement of artwork and accessories.

Detailed Layout

Shopping suggestions are accessible through retailers and you have the option to purchase from my trade only sources. All you have to do, is manage the deliveries and place your furniture!

Design Guide

Find out more... 

A Semi-Design plan is perfect for you if you want a professionally designed room, but don’t want to commit to a full-service design for whatever reason. The key to this service is that you are willing, and have the time to coordinate deliveries and installations to take the project all the way to the finish. 

At the end of this you will have a design plan that will allow you to implement your room design. 


How it works:

  • Design Meeting: We discuss your style preferences, understand your design requirements, take photos and detailed measurements of existing furniture and the room.

  • Furniture Layout & Concept Design Presentation: We either meet in person or virtually, and provide you with a choice of two different furniture layouts which uses inspirational images to visually convey the overall design direction.

  • Final Design Plans: If you require any changes to the furniture layout, I will provide one revision to the layout drawings, prior to completing the 3D design walkthrough and design docs. 


You will receive: 

  • Furniture Floor Plan which shows your furniture layout drawn to scale, so that you can see exactly how the furniture will fit in your room with elevations to assist you in placement of artwork and accessories.

  • Design Presentation which uses inspirational images combined with specific furniture pieces to provide guidance on how to bring a warm atmosphere into your room, and what decor would work best. 

  • Detailed Shopping List which provides product links to furniture and decor you could incorporate in your final room design. 

  • Project Budget which helps you plan your project and stay on track with actual spending. 

  • Optional Trade Items sometimes a room really needs custom furniture, window treatments or a gorgeous wallpaper. I can source these items from trade only suppliers, but the choice is yours, you do not need to purchase any trade items with this service. It is entirely optional. 


What this plan does NOT include: 

  • I don’t assist with the buying process, managing deliveries or overseeing installations as you will take care of the implementation and styling of your room design. 

Design plans start from $1200 plus taxes and are based on the size of your room and specific design requirements.

The process starts with a complimentary discovery call.

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